Here are the TOP10 Startups presenting tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the finalists will be pitching their ideas to the Judging Panel of the Final Round of Maroc Startup Cup.

Here’s a round-up of the TOP 10 Startups:



BlueBox (by Level One) A social shopping platform that helps people discover new products for free and share their reviews with the community, while also helping companies to increase their brands awareness and offer better user experiences for their customers.


LOOLY’S sells premium quality couscous, unprocessed, easy to cook,  gluten Free, beyond-Fair-trade products with genuine taste, health benefits and high convenience. Looly’s products are available in many flavors and offer a wider experience around couscous. Looly’s is mainly targeting US & UK markets.

MonEcole_Logo (by SQwila) is a Web/Mobile platform (On-premises or Cloud-based Software) to help school to simplify administration and collaboration process by bringing parents, students and instructors together on a single platform for the management of students, schedules, attendance, examinations and communication. also offers to schools web referencing services to enhance their visibility on the internet.


FlexMES (By Next Level) is a practical MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and cost-effective solution for manufacturing companies with high use of labor. FlexMES offers an accurate and a real-time monitoring tool of all operations in production lines. FlexMES can significantly reduce production costs and increase productivity.


EasyControl is a wireless monitoring solution for agriculture, that enables medium and large-scale farmers to monitor and control remotely, via GSM, the equipments used to run their farms. EasyControl allows greater flexibility of usage compared to the existing technology and at a very competitive cost.


myVLE is a SaaS based e-Learning platform designed to supplement the traditional classroom teaching. It is a tool that makes teaching and learning more efficient, intuitive and fun.


Bloomingbox is a discovery e-commerce platform redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market that would boost their self-confidence and magnify their happiness.


Kezakoo is an e-Learning and Social Networking platform providing to its users a wide range of educational content in both French and Arabic (Darija). Kezakoo offers incentives and rewards for user-generated content depending on the importance of contributions. The platform also provides e-learning and online training services for professional users.


Robeco project aims to introduce to the market two new products of water-saving faucets: A pedal valve and a bath shower mixer.These products are designed to reduce water consumption and improve its use experience.


Pricyme is a social shopping web and mobile application, it allows users to know the real price of products or services they’re buying, share their reviews and discover new products. PricyMe is mainly targeting the Moroccan market.