Here are the Top 7 startups presenting February 21th !

February 21th, the finalists will be pitching their ideas to the Judging Panel of the Final Round of Maroc Startup Cup 2015.

Here’s a round-up of the TOP 7 Startups :



Salah Eddine CHERKAOUI is an innovative Moroccan daily deals aggregator, it provides a very user friendly interface, with advanced filtering options, including filters by price, discount, time remaining until the deal expires. also offers deals based on geolocation of the user, it is equipped with a smart map which offers filtered deals near the catchment area of the user.


Boutaina Kadry


Othman Mdidech

Infinitable allows matching supply and demand in the quality restoration in Morocco. On one side, we increase the Moroccan purchasing power in these restaurants by offering dishes and meals in the best restaurants. On the other side, we improve the fill rate of these restaurants while modernizing their interaction with customers, their channel visibility and communication.

Nizar Nassik

Improving online travel experience by providing flexibility and visibility while reducing the difficulties in planning and organizing process.

Mytrippy aim to be an end-to-end solution for customized trips, giving an alternative way to the mass and impersonal tourism by avoiding the cookie-cutter packages and providing a tailor-made travel experience.

Ali Lakrakbi


Ali Elouafiq

IMOTE is a smart keychain that controls Smart Objects around you through hand gestures. It can find your phone even on silent mode, with it your phone can find your keys and your IMOTE. IMOTE its one button and gyroscope enables you to change music with hand gestures, turn off the light, take selfies, and send alert messages if there is a problem.

Nour Drissi

Currently, 120,000 searches for a car hire in Morocco are made each month worldwide. 5,500 car hire companies share this market. However, only the big international brands ( such as Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, etc. ) have a marketing strategy and an online visibility.

Therefore, aims to reference local car rental companies to give them international exposure. Consequently, customers access offline and competitive offers, customers reviews on car hire companies & a customer service to allow them find the best car hire offer and save their time and money. We have established an edge over who tend to be only big companies.

Car hire companies will enjoy an international exposure and increased accessibility and sales thanks to marketing provided by our platform. We aim to be the (first hotels booking platform in the world) to car hire companies in Morocco.


Netslr is a Pinterest like social marketplace, where creative people can discover, sell and buy unique products around the world.

We enable creatives from emergent countries to sell their unique products around the world. Artisans, designers and other artists, can easily sign-up, create collections and add products for sale. In order to attract customers, we automatically promote theses products on social networks like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.



Abdelkoudous HADDADI

SafeDemat incorporates in a single package, the following functions: electronic signature, timestamp, electronic archiving, billing.

This platform is similar to an electronic clearing service with legal proof, enabling the transmission, the traceability and preservation of electronic registered mail, certified and confidential.