Top 10 finalists revealed!

Ten Entrepreneurs have advanced to the final round of the Maroc StartUp Cup Business Model Competition. On 23 November, the ten finalists will present a pitch to the panel of Startup Cup Judges.

The Top 10 finalists are (in Alphabetical order):

  1. EasyControl
  3. Kezakoo
  4. Level One
  5. Looly’s
  6. myVLE
  7. Next Level SARL
  8. PricyMe
  9. RobEco
  10. SQwiLa

Over the next coaching session, scheduled for Saturday, November 9th, our Mentoring Team will be working with the 10 selected entrepreneurs to further strengthen their business model and pitching skills for the final round of judging.

These Top 10 finalists move into the third and final round, to determine which Startup will be awarded the 100,000 MAD prize and $5000 scholarship to participate in PITME labs (Progress In Technology Middle East) in the Sillicon Valley for 1 month to learn how to build better businesses, get inspired, and get introduced to the PITME network of mentors and advisors that will open doors down the roads for potential opportunities in the Middle East region.

The Winner will be announced during the Maroc StartUp Cup Business Model Competition Celebration that will be held during Global Entrepreneurship Week at Technopark on Saturday, 23 November 2013.