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All forms of energy, momentum and stresses are sources of gravitation, as described by the Energy-Momentum Tensor in General Relativity.

Just like photons are a fluctuation of the electromagnetic field (evidence from your computer screen) the Higgs boson has much more mass/energy then the massless/low-energy photon and requires a lot of energy to make the Higgs field fluctuate and appear like a particle. My explanation for mass according to my own model, is almost infinity simpler… Although GR has been very successful in many of its predictions, it fails in the quantum world as well as at the galactic scales. Mass is only one particular form of energy…you don’t need mass to get gravitation. The guy in the video breifly explains why some particles don’t interact with the field because of the symmetry breaking.

Both gravity and electromagnetism accordingly involve relatively simple field theory concerning differential pressures of the ZPF under specific circumstances. Both models proposed an expanding universe which I thought, and still think, is not justified and that the diminution of matter is a better solution.I agree that the universe according to our present understandings of it, is very complicated but I think the explanations as you posted concerning the Higgs boson, are as far away from Occam’s Razor as you can get. Read More→