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2014 Maroc Startup Cup Kick Off Ceremony

30 exceptional start-ups from across Morocco will compete this year to win market recognition and investor interest during the in the 2014 Maroc Startup Cup. The startups were annouced on Friday 13th June after an intense evaluation process. The 30 semi-finalists were selected from more than 160 applicants who applied online to participate in this second edition of Maroc Startup Cup.
The TOP30 selected startups for the competition will receive training, coaching and mentorship in the months to come before the second round of the selection, where startups will be selected from those candidates who show the most potential to grow in order to enter the final Race to the Top.
Mentoring workshops and progress reviews activities assist the semi-finalists to improve key elements of their business models and the positioning of their startups.

Maroc Startup Cup is Reloaded for 2014!

After the success of the launch edition last year, Startup Maroc (Startup Morocco) announces the Maroc Startup Cup 2014, the most important business model competition for startups across Morocco to pitch and compete for 100,000 MAD in cash. This competition takes place with the brilliant support from OCP Entrepreneurship Network as the official partner.

The mentoring panel is currently being combined and will be announced soon. The team will be a mix of international and local mentors united by their passion and volunteering their time to develop successful ventures. The mentoring program will go towards providing entrepreneurs more opportunities to take one step ahead to reach out to the last mile.

“We try to make this year’s competition bigger and better. We’re not going to shy away from telling you that we are looking for the most promising startups to see them pitching on stage in the final round” Said Adnane Benchekroun, President of the Advisory Board of Startup Morocco.

Application Deadline:

If you want to create brand awareness and get media exposure, we are here for you! The deadline for submission is Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Submit your Application NOW!

Email: [email protected]


2013 Maroc Startup Cup Winners Announced

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, the Judging Panel announced the winners of 2013 Maroc Startup Cup Business Model Competition from +90 applicants who first submitted their business model ideas to Maroc StartUp Cup Competition in July 2013.

DSC_0549 DSC_0491 DSC_0472 DSC_0147


  • The first place winner LOOLY’S, represented by Lamiaa Bounahmidi, received 100,000 MAD Cash Prize, 10,000 USD Scholarship to participate in PITME labs program in the Silicon Valley for one month, jointly sponsored by PITME and La Fondation OCP offering 5,000 USD each. LOOLY’S team is now eligible to compete in the World StartUp Cup that will be held in Armenia in 2014. LOOLY’S makes premium quality couscous, unprocessed, easy to cook, gluten free, beyond-fair-trade products with genuine taste, health benefits and high convenience. The products are available in many flavors and offer a wider experience around couscous. LOOLY’S is mainly targeting US & UK markets.
  • The second place winner was KEZAKOO, represented by Youssef Ghalem. An E-Learning and Social Networking platform providing a wide range of educational content in both French and Arabic. Kezakoo offers incentives and rewards for user-generated content depending on the importance of contributions. The platform also provides e-learning and online training services for professional users.
  • The third place winner is myVLE, represented by Zakaria Mahboubi and his Co-Founders. The startup is offering a SaaS based e-Learning platform designed to supplement the traditional classroom teaching. A solution that makes teaching and learning more efficient, intuitive and fun.

The three winning startups will benefit from two-hour mentoring sessions each month, during one year, provided by three members of the panel of judges. “It was an extremely tight race and it was tough to select only three winners!” Chafik Sabiry, president du directoire de HP CDG IT Services Maroc and president of the judging committee, said.

Friends, entrepreneurs and other business leaders gathered in a crowded conference room for the pitching session and award ceremony at the Technopark Casablanca. The ten finalists gave five-minute pitch to the judges, followed by ten-minute of questions, to convince them that their business models deserved the grand prize.

Khalil Jai Hokimi, an Entrepreneur Evangelist and Advisor to the Chairman & CEO of Le Groupe OCP, part of the judging committee, also commented on Maroc Startup Cup Finalists: “Massive respect to all the entrepreneurs….and I encourage them to pursue their dreams with the same passion” he said.

Maroc StartUp Cup competition, which kicked off in July, awards local entrepreneurs who develop the best business models. “This was a great opportunity for the selected 20 startups to sit down face-to-face with experienced team of mentors to go through their business models before making their case to the panel of judges” Naoufal Chama, president of AMPII, said.

The StartUp Cup Business Model Competition process was born in Silicon Valley and proven in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the past six years. The StartUp Cup is a global network of locally driven business model competitions. It is a proven model to create viable businesses, grow jobs, and enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems. The StartUp Cup is a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week and an official partner of the U.S. Department of State’s Global Entrepreneurship Program.

2013 Maroc Startup Cup was organized by AMPII and jointly sponsored by Le Groupe OCP and supported by Technopark Casablanca and PITME.

Here are the TOP10 Startups presenting tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the finalists will be pitching their ideas to the Judging Panel of the Final Round of Maroc Startup Cup.

Here’s a round-up of the TOP 10 Startups:



BlueBox (by Level One) A social shopping platform that helps people discover new products for free and share their reviews with the community, while also helping companies to increase their brands awareness and offer better user experiences for their customers.


LOOLY’S sells premium quality couscous, unprocessed, easy to cook,  gluten Free, beyond-Fair-trade products with genuine taste, health benefits and high convenience. Looly’s products are available in many flavors and offer a wider experience around couscous. Looly’s is mainly targeting US & UK markets.

MonEcole_Logo (by SQwila) is a Web/Mobile platform (On-premises or Cloud-based Software) to help school to simplify administration and collaboration process by bringing parents, students and instructors together on a single platform for the management of students, schedules, attendance, examinations and communication. also offers to schools web referencing services to enhance their visibility on the internet.


FlexMES (By Next Level) is a practical MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and cost-effective solution for manufacturing companies with high use of labor. FlexMES offers an accurate and a real-time monitoring tool of all operations in production lines. FlexMES can significantly reduce production costs and increase productivity.


EasyControl is a wireless monitoring solution for agriculture, that enables medium and large-scale farmers to monitor and control remotely, via GSM, the equipments used to run their farms. EasyControl allows greater flexibility of usage compared to the existing technology and at a very competitive cost.


myVLE is a SaaS based e-Learning platform designed to supplement the traditional classroom teaching. It is a tool that makes teaching and learning more efficient, intuitive and fun.


Bloomingbox is a discovery e-commerce platform redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market that would boost their self-confidence and magnify their happiness.


Kezakoo is an e-Learning and Social Networking platform providing to its users a wide range of educational content in both French and Arabic (Darija). Kezakoo offers incentives and rewards for user-generated content depending on the importance of contributions. The platform also provides e-learning and online training services for professional users.


Robeco project aims to introduce to the market two new products of water-saving faucets: A pedal valve and a bath shower mixer.These products are designed to reduce water consumption and improve its use experience.


Pricyme is a social shopping web and mobile application, it allows users to know the real price of products or services they’re buying, share their reviews and discover new products. PricyMe is mainly targeting the Moroccan market.

This is The Final Round! Award Ceremony & Celebration scheduled for November 23, 2013

After they have worked with mentors last weekend to shape their pitches for the final round and award presentation event. The Top 10 Finalists will present their refined business model and give a five-minute pitch in front of the Judging Panel on November 23. Judges will question the pitchers and provide feedback. After all pitchers have presented, the judges will deliberate and pick a winner and runner up.

The winner of the competition will be awarded 100,000 MAD Cash Prize, 5000 USD Scholarship to participate in PITME (Progress In Technology Middle East) labs program in the Sillicon Valley for 1 month. The winner from Maroc StartUp Cup will be eligible to compete in the World StartUp Cup.

The Winner will be announced on the same day, at the Award Ceremony and Celebration to be held at Technopark Casablanca. The StartUp Cup Business Model Competition is a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).


  • 2:00 – 5:00 PM: Pitches to Panel of Judges
  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Guest of Honor Speech & Maroc StartUp Cup Prize Winner Announcement

You are kindly invited to attend the 2013 Maroc County StartUp Cup. Registration is OPEN.

Eventbrite - Maroc Startup Cup Final

Sponsors of the Maroc Cup Business Model Competition are: OCP and Technopark.


For more information:

[email protected]



TOP10 Coaching Session. PITCH ME IF YOU CAN!

TOP10 Coaching session was a chance for participants to get a wealth of experience and a chance to get coached on many important aspects of pitching skills and techniques. Each Entrepreneur delivered his 5 minute pitch and Mentors gave them his immediate feedback to help them improve for the FINAL ROUND scheduled on 23 November.

DSC_0026 DSC_0258 DSC_0221 DSC_0217 DSC_0148 DSC_0086 DSC_0104 DSC_0051 DSC_0073 DSC_0084 DSC_0131 DSC_0081 DSC_0070 DSC_0239 DSC_0088 DSC_0055




Top 10 finalists revealed!

Ten Entrepreneurs have advanced to the final round of the Maroc StartUp Cup Business Model Competition. On 23 November, the ten finalists will present a pitch to the panel of Startup Cup Judges.

The Top 10 finalists are (in Alphabetical order):

  1. EasyControl
  3. Kezakoo
  4. Level One
  5. Looly’s
  6. myVLE
  7. Next Level SARL
  8. PricyMe
  9. RobEco
  10. SQwiLa

Over the next coaching session, scheduled for Saturday, November 9th, our Mentoring Team will be working with the 10 selected entrepreneurs to further strengthen their business model and pitching skills for the final round of judging.

These Top 10 finalists move into the third and final round, to determine which Startup will be awarded the 100,000 MAD prize and $5000 scholarship to participate in PITME labs (Progress In Technology Middle East) in the Sillicon Valley for 1 month to learn how to build better businesses, get inspired, and get introduced to the PITME network of mentors and advisors that will open doors down the roads for potential opportunities in the Middle East region.

The Winner will be announced during the Maroc StartUp Cup Business Model Competition Celebration that will be held during Global Entrepreneurship Week at Technopark on Saturday, 23 November 2013.

The First Coaching Session – Saturday, 5th Oct. 2013 / Technopark Casablanca

The Top 20 business models have been selected by the Judging Panel. They will now move on to the first round of the Maroc StartUp Cup Business Model Competition. Entrepreneurs will receive priceless business advice from mentors throughout the first coaching session that will take place in Technopark Casablanca.

Coaching Format

Speed coaching. Each mentee is paired with one mentor for a series of one-time meetings with each mentor.

Who can attend?

This is a closed session, so only the Top 20 selected Start-ups (Up to 3 people / Startup) who should attend.

High Level Agenda

2:00-2:30 pm  Reception and Meeting Overview
2:30-4:00 pm  Coaching Session – 1st Round 10 Startups (One-on-One coaching)
4:00-4:30 pm  Networking / Coffee Break
4:30-6:00 pm  Coaching Session – 2nd Round 10 Startups (One-on-One coaching)

Maroc StartUp Cup Announces Top 20 Business Models!

The Judges have taken the time to review all the Business Models that were submitted for Maroc Startup Cup 2013. After careful consideration and evaluation, the Judges have chosen their Top 20 to continue on to the Presentation Round of the StartUp Cup. Congratulations to each of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs!

Following are the Top 20 StartUps of Maroc Startup Cup (in Alphabetical order):

Battuta Games SARL
Le Cercle Conciergerie
Level One
Maroc Stagiaires (
Next Level SARL
Tayssir Side

Maroc StartUp Cup is a Featured Event of Global Entrepreneurship Week.