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How to spell a thesis

Basic style Edit. Numbering definitions: Each definition line should begin with a # (hash, octothorpe, pound sign). This will number the definitions. Place the hash at the leftmost position on the line, with no spaces or tabs prior to the hash. Additional definitions must be placed on a separate line, but there should be no blank lines within a group of definitions, since that will break the sequence of the numbering.

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Part of speech variations Edit. The wording in a definition depends on the part of speech of the word being defined. Nouns, especially proper nouns, are considered the easiest, followed by adjectives, and verbs.

Article summaries and critiques. Abstracts of papers or articles. Short-answer pieces based upon questions found in texts.

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If it seems to be difficult, insert a link to Wikipedia, follow the link to an article of that title if one exists or search for the term in other Wikipedia articles. Other nouns Edit. Concrete nouns are the next relatively easy class. Wikipedia may have an article.

This creates a link to the entry for that term. Links should always be present around any word in the definition that is synonymous, or nearly synonymous with the term being defined. Likewise, link words which provide key descriptions or qualifications in defining a term.